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For the conservation and transformation

of degraded land 

into thriving forests through restoration efforts

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Finca Oasis Reforestation

Just acting now


OASIS FORESTS was conceived in 2002, in Costa Rica, to determine if highly deforested and depleted agricultural and pastureland could be restored in such a way as to recreate a significant ecosystem in a reasonable amount of time. This soon evolved into also inspiring local private owners to conserve and restore forests, and to demonstrate and assist in providing individual owners to create alternate means of income as compared with traditional agriculture and cattle farming. 


The success of these projects then evolved into the idea to connect these types of conservation projects on a national scale to each other and to the national park system via “backbones” such as rivers, large streams, and existing or new land biological corridors. This interconnection allows for scattered conservation properties of any size to join for flora and fauna to have safe passage between all the separate private pieces and with the entire system to make one enormous public and private network to enhance the overall biodiversity and each owner’s land.


We envisioned this is the only way in modern times to organize and join enough conservation land that could eventually equal or even exceed the total land mass of a contiguous national park or governmental nature reserve in order to assist in sustaining fauna that require vast amounts of land to survive. 


To demonstrate the ideas, 3 different types of properties are the proof of concept. OASIS FORESTS is already functioning with significant results from 22 years of experience.


Results of Private Efforts

390,3 ha

Total land*





389,5 ha

In conservation


Restored or in restoration 

379,9 ha

In river protection areas


National protected areas close



*Include primary and secondary forest 

Our Projects

We join efforts to transform OASIS to FORESTS!


From highly degraded land to a new forest. How is possible to have as visitors the 6 costarican felines?

FOR&FOV CatastroyRios SNIT 09.12.2023 con nombre2.png

Without buildings or roads, this is the forest of giant and ancient Almendro Amarillo trees, Great Green Macaws, Dantas, Deers, Monkeys and Wildcats, that are free 

and safe.

Finca CRIS.png

Oasis Hope Reserve
Since 2013

From a coffee plantation to a forest in the process of regeneration.It is an Oasis for species in the Central Valley such as snakes, Zorros Pelones, Squirrels, birds and a lot of insects.

Benefits to join to our network

We join efforts to transform OASIS to FORESTS!

Access to information

Restoration data,

Methods and 


Positioning of ecoturism projects

Make your project known,

be recognized in a network of real impact projects

Access to seeds and plants

Native seeds and plants from our properties*

* Limited regarding the location, stage of the forests, availability and period of time


To transform and connect forests though,

Research Studies,

Plan Biological Corridors, 

Feasibility study, 

Potential incomes and

Good practices

Ecosystem Services


of the species

Living seed bank 

Regulation of the temperature 

Air quality 

Fertile soils 

Water cycle regulation

And much more

Why OASIS FORESTS are important? 

"Oasis Reforestation Reserve is the best restoration project I have seen: structurally functional, documented, with a large collection of native palms, a real environmental enrichment logic and educational focus. Together with Finca Oasis Virgin they will be part of BIOTA, a platform that allows forest owners to create digital assets of the ecosystem services generated on their farms"

Mario A. Piedra 

Executive Director - FUNDECOR

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