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For the conservation and transformation

of degraded land 

into thriving forests through restoration efforts

Finca Oasis Reforestation

Working together,

we go further

Our Network

The impact is achieved from an idea that becomes in action and from the ground. Our network integrates real projects with real results. 

We join efforts to transform OASIS to FORESTS!


Oasis Reforestation Reserve
Since 2002

From highly degraded land to a new forest. How is possible to have as visitors the 6 costarican felines?

FOR&FOV CatastroyRios SNIT 09.12.2023 con nombre2.png

Oasis Virgin Reserve
Since 2010

Without buildings or roads, this is the forest of giant and ancient Almendro Amarillo trees, Great Green Macaws, Dantas, Deers, Monkeys and Wildcats, that are free 

and safe.

Finca CRIS.png

Finca Oasis Hope
Since 2013

From a coffee plantation to a forest in the process of regeneration.It is an Oasis for species in the Central Valley such as snakes, Zorros Pelones, Squirrels, birds and a lot of insects.

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