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The arrival of Great Green Macaws at Oasis Reforestation Reserve

Updated: Feb 18

See it in this video

📸: David Reuland, 2024

Oasis Reforestation Reserve was conceived in 2002 in Costa Rica to determine if agricultural land could be restored to recreate an ecosystem.

After these years, the results are clear: Ara ambiguus, known as Great Green Macaws, visit and live in this paradise.

Intelligent birds!

Despite this land being over 90% deforested for decades, the new trees of Almendro planted here have attracted endangered Great Green Macaws annually beginning in December 2015. They stay for about 2 weeks, eating and playing and being very loud and rowdy! We find it amazing that they somehow found this little island of forest and now remember it and return yearly. These birds have also been noted to eat the seeds of Javillo, Almendro de la Playa, and Teak on Finca Oasis Reforestation.

3 facts of Great Green Macaws:

😱 Is one of the largest macaws in the world

😥 Numbers of this specie have dropped by more than 50% over the past 10 years due to extensive habitat loss throughout the species' Central and South American range. It was listed as an endangered species by the United States in 2015 -IUCN Status

🦜Their habitat is: Humid lowland or foothill forest and edges in parts of Central and South America For these and many reasons, to have it at Finca Oasis Reforestation is the best news for us!

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